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That's, of course, unlikely to bother Mercedes since the Smart's multifarious roles do not include chasing Corvettes around race tracks. Mercedes Canada has sold 10,200 of the minicars in the last three years and I'm sure car enthusiasts weren't the main buyers. On the other hand, even those committed to fossil fuel frugality and low emissions will welcome the 2008's major step forward, the substitution of a 1.0 litre gasoline engine for the old diesel. Still sporting three cylinders, the new engine is rated at 70 horsepower and 68 pound feet of torque. Neither number is particularly impressive unless you're still scooting around in a mid '60s air cooled Bug, but they're enough to propel the 820 kilogram Smart to a claimed top speed of 145 kilometres an hour. One optimistic wag swears he saw 155. Mercedes Canada also claims that accelerating to 100 km/h takes 13.3 seconds. If this seems lethargic by modern automotive standards, rest assured that the 2008 Smart is a veritable...<br><a href='http://my-huge-site.com/news/31382'>http://my-huge-site.com/</a>
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